Wolf Drawing Easy

You have probably been trying to find a drawing tutorial that could make drawing wolf easy for you. Well, we have come up with an easy wolf drawing tutorial today. You can find plenty of other tutorials on how to draw a wolf on the web, but let’s ensure you that this is the easiest one. Wolf face drawing is something artists always love to make, but it can be a bit tricky. This tutorial will teach you wolf drawing in no time. Before we jump to the step-by-step tutorial, let’s tell you some interesting facts about wolves.

Wolf Drawing Tutorials

Wolf is a mammal and an apex predator. Humans have a complex connection with them. We frequently demonize the “Big Bad Wolf” in literature and real life. Yet we’re also captivated by these intelligent, friendly creatures, and we haven’t always disagreed. In the late Pleistocene Epoch, our forefathers even forged an association with wild wolves. It provided us with the unrivaled companions we now know as dogs. Wolves live and travel in packs. Their ways of hunting and spending lives are very organized. A wolf can weigh from 60–110 pounds. Its length can be anywhere from 4.5 feet to 6.5 feet. Wolves live for 13–18 years, depending on the habitat they live in.

They can have white, grey, or black color fur. Habitat loss owing to human damage, development, and invasion; human persecution poses a threat to their survival. The social structure and norms of a wolf pack are well-defined. The alpha male wolf and female wolf are the pack leaders. These two wolves are in charge of the pack’s other wolves. The alphas are the only wolves in the pack that can breed and have puppies, and they also get to eat first. Wolves will protect their territory against other wolf packs or other predators that they may see as dangerous. Wolves form such deep social ties with their family and other loved ones. They are known to make self-sacrifices for the pack’s / family unit’s survival.

How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step tutorial

Step 1:

Start with the face from a left perspective. Draw the chin with a curve and then make a mouth and nose with curves. Extend the line upwards from the nose, bend it a bit leftward, and extend it rightward again. Next, draw two V-shaped curves on the top of the hed. It will give you a jaw, an eye, head, and v-shaped ears with lines — figure 1.

Step 2:

Draw a line below the chin and extend it down a bit rightward. Use small lines representing the hair. Do the same on the head and behind the ears. Then start for the second wolf. Draw a leftward v to make a mouth of the second wolf. From there, draw a nose above. Then below the mouth, extend a line like the first wolf with hair — figure 2.

Step 3:

Draw a bit bent v-shaped curves in the mouth of the second that will make its teeth. Then from the nose, extend the line rightward and draw the back with hair. Finally, draw a curve to represent an eye and a semi V-shaped ear — figure 3.

Step 4:

Draw fur on the body of the first wolf by making small lines together. Draw some small dots near the nose and apply shade in its mouth and eyes — Figure 4.

Step 5:

Repeat step 4 on the second wolf that is howling. It will make both wolves real — Figure 5.

Step 6:

In this step, draw parallel curved lines below the below to represent front legs. Next, draw small curves to make its feet. Do the same for the rear legs and feet. Use the technique you used to draw teeth and make nails on the feet — Figure 6.

Step 7:

Draw the front legs of the first wolf by repeating step 6. Draw its rear leg and tail behind the second wolf and for the second one as well. Enhance the details by blending the dark color in each wolf’s fur — Figure 7.

There you have a drawing of two wolves.