Peacock Drawing Easy

Today we thought of making peacock drawing easy for you. So we came up with four peacock drawing tutorials in this drawing lesson. First, if you are looking for the easiest peacock drawing, we have a tutorial on peacock cartoon drawing. Then there are pencil sketches of peacocks, simple peacock drawings, and beautiful peacock drawings. Peacocks look very bright in colors, but that is because of the reflection.

Tips for Peacock Drawing

Here are some tips for drawing a peacock easily:

  • Often use dotted lines or a cross in the center of the page
  • If you are a beginner, start with fewer details
  • Once you gain experience, then go to advanced 3d drawings

Art Supplies

We used the following art supplies in these tutorials:

  • 2B, 3B pencils
  • Sharpie
  • Erasers and sharpener
  • Color Pencils
  • Color markers
  • Paper or sketchbook

Peacock Drawing Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Start with drawing a sharp bend to represent the head with a pointy beak. Next, draw an oval shape eye with a dot inside and extend parallel lines downwards from that bend. These parallel lines represent a thin neck. Next, below the neck, draw a pitcher-shaped body. Then draw an oval shape around the peacock’s belly. Next, draw four parallel lines vertically below the body to represent the legs and draw three sharp bends in the shape of claws. Finally, draw three long, irregular shapes to represent the crest on the head — Figure 1.

Draw the train or tail of the peacock emerging from behind. Do it by drawing several feathers in the same long shape and size, joining and circulating the back — Figure 2.

Moving to the left side, repeat step 2 and draw feathers until you have a complete peacock train — Figure 3.

After drawing the tailor train, draw oval-shaped eyespots in each feather near the end. Draw circles inside each oval shape — Figure 4.

Now, it is time to fill in the colors. Use blue color in the head, neck, and belly and yellow color in the beak, crest, and legs. Then use green color in the circles inside eyespots on each feather — Figure 5.

Use red color in the oval shape around the belly. Finally, fill in the feathers with green color — Figure 6.

There you have an easy cartoon peacock drawing.