Owl Drawing Easy (A Simple Guide)

We’ll make owl drawing easy for you, even if you think owl drawing is challenging. This drawing tutorial teaches an easy owl drawing. Most of the owl drawing tutorials you find for reference will be barn owl drawings. However, Cartoon owl drawing can be a much better idea, in our opinion. The second best option can be a snowy owl drawing. If you have a problem with written or pictorial steps, watch our video tutorial on drawing owls. The fun part about this tutorial is, you can learn how to draw owls seamlessly.

Fun Facts about Owl

Have you ever wondered where the word parliament came from? Well, for your information, a group of owls is called a parliament. Owls eat insects, other birds, or fish. The claws of owls are very powerful. Owls can move their neck around up to 270 degrees. The silent flight makes the owl the best flying predator at night. Different color patterns on their bodies and feathers help them to blend in with the environment. Their ability to stay still after camouflaging for hours gives them the top spot on the food chain. However, they cannot see things close to their eyes.

Tips On How To Draw Owl

  • Pick a reference for drawing: Find pictures and videos of owls. Don’t get started by drawing what you have in mind. Learn the anatomy of an owl’s body structure from every perspective.
  • The point of focus in drawing: Look at pictures of different species of owls. Try to find a common thing in all of them with attention to detail. Find that one common point of focus, such as wide eyes and the asymmetrical shape of the owl’s head. It will help you draw with a flow.
  • Guidelines: A sketch with quick guidelines can be very significant for drawing. You will not make a finished drawing this way, but you will learn to draw more quickly.
  • Extra Tip for Pros: Learn to capture the hair or feather textures in your drawings once you have practiced a simple drawing. Do it if you want to make a drawing with maximum details.

Art Supplies (How To Draw Easy Owl)

  • 2B, 3B Pencils
  • Sharpie and Erasers
  • Color Pencils or Crayons
  • Sketchbook or a paper
  • Peace of mind (Not an art supply, but it is essential for drawing)

How To Draw Owl for beginners

Step 1:

Draw a perfect circle. Then draw an egg shape circle starting from inside it and extending it below vertically — figure 1.

Step 2:

Erase the part of the upper egg shape from the perfect circle. Now you have the head and the body of the owl — figure 2.

Step 3:

Draw two circles on each side of the head that will represent the owl’s eyes. On the bottom of the body, draw two feet — figure 3.

Step 4:

Sketch two eyebrow lines tilted upward above both eyes. Then sketch a vertical nose line between eyes — figure 4.

Step 5:

Draw eyebrows from eyebrow lines. Then draw a nose from the nose line sketch. Draw circles inside the eyes to represent eyeballs. Then draw a u-shaped bend to represent claws on feet — Figure 5.

Step 6:

Start a curve below the head and extend it below the body on the right side. Then join it before the feet. Repeat this on the left side. These will represent wings. Draw two lines on each claw to represent fingers — figure 6.

Step 7:

Use orange color on the body of the owl. Then use brown color on the wings and face. Use dark brown color on feet and eyebrows — figure 7.

Congratulations! You have just completed a simple owl drawing.