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3 min readNov 29, 2021

Are you looking for an easy Landscape drawing? In this post, we are going to teach you how to draw a landscape. Drawing a landscape can also be a milestone for you as a beginner. You can take ideas from a beautiful waterfall, a mountain, valley, or even a tree and fields for drawing a landscape. We will teach you a pencil landscape drawing in this post. The way we teach will make a landscape drawing easy for you.

We are going to draw a landscape with a lighthouse, rocky surface, and ocean waves. So first, let’s know what a lighthouse is. Lighthouses are basically high towers with lights to guide sailors on their journeys and alert or help them in case of an emergency. Lighthouses were the only source of seashores to guide sailors in the old days. Earlier lighthouses used to have fireplaces on higher grounds on seashores. But now, with technological advancements, such as radars and GPS, the importance of lighthouses has become less.

Our drawing tutorial consists of 6 straightforward steps. You might not make a good drawing of landscape on your first attempt as a beginner, but keep trying, and you will be a perfectionist in no time.

Step by Step guide on How to Draw a Landscape

Imagine a lighthouse on a seashore with rocks all around it, from a perspective where you can see ocean waves as well. Clouds and some birds will make a nice background. Here is a step-by-step guide on drawing a landscape.

Step 1:

Draw a cylinder vertically. This cylinder should get thicker to the downside. Draw a line horizontally to represent the ground, and then a small three-dimensional box on the left of the lighthouse that is going to be built. Draw a line that starts from ground level and gradually convert it into a curve after the lighthouse. This will represent a rocky mountain near the lighthouse and give the landscape drawing a beautiful touch. Draw two boxes on the top of the lighthouse top box should be a little smaller than the below one. Draw a triangle on top of the boxes to represent its roof.

Step 2:

Draw a vertical straight line in the middle of the lighthouse. Give the building nearby a good look by adding a window and chimney. Add single line clouds in the form of rough zigzag curves in the background, and then some more curves to make rocks realistic. Add cylindrical horizontal lines on the lighthouse that we will use to color in the coming steps. Some small boxes on the lighthouse that represent windows. Also, draw a railing or grill on the top structure of the lighthouse with one line shade.

Step 3:

Add more details to the rocky mountain nearby the lighthouse by drawing smaller zigzag curves. Also, draw a tree structure in front and behind it. Fill in the ocean with blue color and the steam of tree with green color.

Step 4:

Add grey color to the top of the building and green color to the trees. Add some birds to the sky with clouds by drawing two parallel line curves.

Step 5:

Add red color to the boxes on the lighthouse so that one box after a red box is white. Lighthouses are colored this way to differentiate them from other buildings and also to be recognized by sailors.

Step 6:

Enhance the colors on everything. Give blue color to the sky and very light blue color to the clouds to make them look separate from the sky. Give mountains and rocks light brown color. Add green color to the trees.


We are happy that this tutorial has helped you to learn easy landscape drawing. Otherwise, check the video tutorial for this drawing. You can add or remove any details according to your personal preference. It will help you to generate new ideas in the future. We have plenty more landscape drawings as well. You can take a look at them as well to get new ideas for your sketchbook and art gallery.

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