How to draw an Alligator

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5 min readDec 2, 2022


Alligators are huge creeping often distinguishes a large rounded tie up and abounds set sharp and pointed teeth. It is rarely seen in the latest movement in the rivers, pools, lakes and swamps. Alligators are very interesting to draw. However, due to the complex and complex physical characteristics can be very difficult to draw. You can apply these steps whether you want to draw a real or animated alligator. Each step is accompanied to understand the examples that serve visual guidance with tracking instructions whether you have a novice or a leading expert if you can follow these steps to follow these steps.

In addition, you can add your style and improvise to each step. Feel free to combine a pair of colors to personalize the work and make a single unique. Let the imagination err and release your creativity. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawing ideas.

Drawing an Alligator

Step 1:

Draw the form of the alligator face from the upper left corner of your paper. Alligators naturally have huge binds, so remember to focus on this with the drag outline. Certainly, drawing correctly draws the paper’s horizontal and vertical lines to create reference lines. Two lines in the middle of the paper are divided into four spaces. The face of the container should be drawn to the upper left corner.

Step 2:

Stretched out the lines to draw the form when the eye is placed. Similar to alligators and wide and round or bound. While properly spacecraft eyes are quite similar to multiple.

Step 3:

The chin or lower face extends to the body to create an alligator. At least to draw a long neck and rounded belly.

Step 4:

The left side of the alligator’s upper body draws the arm three inches. Alligators’ natural muscles and muscle construction are so much stronger. Remember the nails clear and indicates?

Step 5:

Now the weapons to the left time to lead to the arms to complete the members before the alligator. Draw the other arm like the previous stage on the right of the highest. As you can see in this illustration, the left arm is on the side while the right arm is raised. You can follow the illustration exactly as it is or place the arms you want. Anyway, we are sure what looks great!

Step 6:

Here we are working on the back of the legs of the alligator to finish their set of four feet. Both sides of the bricks of the piercing body draw the legs of the three toes. Make the back of the legs directed equally.

Step 7:

Extend towards the lower body of the alligator and absorb up upwards. It is to describe the shape of the tail. The alligator’s tail is drawing at the last inch long. In this grade, we also describe the subteam of the alligator. Beginning under the chin, draw the line after the alligator of the body form to the tail.

Step 8:

Now it’s time to get your alligator draws more real. What better way to draw more real than adding examples and textures? Draw horizontal lines in the whole size of the base of the container under the chin tail. The lines are a little extra twice. Then, in many triangular all the alligator back. A “balance” of the alligator will be a set of mouth bone plates on the back to protect them and protect them.

Step 9:

Against alligator to come, two perfect circles to describe your eyes. Then enter each of the circles to pull another ring and shade. Shearing of the circles within the eyes of a serve iris. Then two vertical ovals inbound. It describes the nose of the alligator. Remember unique emerging croc or? And there you are; you have succeeded in the alligator. Now all things in touch are finally, and the very colors complete the work! Finally, the most exciting part is to fill the colors with a large drawing!

It is where you can deliver business skills and the power to mix and peer different colors. The colors of adult alligators vary depending on their habitat. The colonists of olives and brown grey, almost black. Whose underside is still always white? Feel free to color your alligator drawing if you want to use all the colors you like. And when you do, what do you have for investigations and other coloring materials?

Tips for your alligator Drawing are also better!

See how to see your alligator form even more surprise with these tips! Your Alligator Drawing is already superb-but the even larger background! You have many options for the horizons before, which could not be here. Pierre can be in a marsh or a river in some typical context. You can also opt for the Crazier Background Frame to Fun Touch! Which parameters can you think about this alligator? Different animals surrounded an alligator in nature. Can you make a drawing of an alligator even more interesting by adding some of these animals?

You have many options, and it would be fun to search for more than animals to represent the same pull style. Speaking of the style, as much as the mode of this alligator form, you can also change it. For example, you can search some photos of real alligators and use them to make them more real. There is a way to try, but you can also make a more I-run and stylized drawing! Adds to the mainstream accessories would be great to do. For example, we have opted for a bright green color scheme for this alligator, but you can try it in different colors.

It’s about creating your own examples to ensure all your colors are yours. Once you have chosen your colors, you can also try fun with the only art tools and media to bring life to colors! With the confidence to create a drawing from the alligator, you can try to represent different locations. For example, you could make it rest in the stomach like a real alligator. Can you change the appearance and place this alligator in changing any individual? It’s a great way to change the plan radically is easy.

Your Alligator Drawing is complete!

We hope you appreciate this step-by-step than drawing an alligator. With this guide, you can only draw a color an alligator with their complex characters and details developed in time. The fun part is that you can customize their physical attributes to play with different colors. Every work is a pen of paper, and you are ready to start drawing! We are pleased to do what you’re going to pull next. We sure will be incredible as this one! Once you have finished your masterpiece, we’re sure you will be proud of yourself — to be! I intend to be a definitive drawing of this alligator.