How to draw a witch

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5 min readNov 28, 2022


How to draw a witch. Since humans started telling stories, stories have always been designed to make you shiver! Various terrifying creatures populate these spooky tales, and some are family favorites. Witches are a staple in scary stories and are often featured as Halloween costumes. This guide to drawing a witch is about capturing these mysterious characters’ fun side! You won’t need any spells or magical abilities to complete this guide. All you need are the steps we’ve outlined and your fantastic creativity!

So grab your favorite art ingredients and get ready for this fantastic step-by-step guide on how to draw a witch in just 6 easy steps! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more 3d drawing.

Drawing a witch

Step 1:

In this first step of our guide on how to draw a witch, we’ll start with the outlines of her head, hair, and body. As you can see in the later steps, we’ll draw her in a cute, utterly adorable style. You can start by drawing two curved lines for the lower half of her face. Next, we’ll add a little rounded neck under his head.

For her hair, we’ll use an uneven line that crosses the top edge and then slants sharply down to the left. Finally, draw your thick, rounded sleeve with a small hand at the end, then finish with a wavy line for the side of your garment.

Step 2:

Now that you have some outlines, we can start drawing some facial details and more of your body. The face is drawn in a fun, whimsical style, and it’s easy to draw too! His eyes will be drawn as two small round lines; then his mouth will be a longer curved line below. We will add three small lines on each cheek for more detail.

You can add another rounded handle with one hand holding the handle of your broom. This handle is straight so that you can use a ruler! Finish by drawing the bottom of its layer, and then we can continue.

Step 3:

It would only be a witch drawing with a giant witch hat, so we’ll start adding it with some hair details now! For the brim of her hat, draw a slightly curved line through her hair. Then draw wavy lines from that edge on either side of her to show where her hair falls. Adding wavy lines in the hairline will create some texture for the hair.

Step 4:

This witch needs to finish her broom, and we’ll do that in this step! Before we finish the broomstick, we’ll first draw two thin, rounded shapes under its layer. These will be her legs, and each one will have a straight line to show where her shoes are. The end of the broomstick will have curved lines that fan out at the base with a rounded band joining it.

The top half of the broomstick end will be thick and rounded, with straight texture lines drawn up and down. The reference image will make this very clear, and then we can move on to some details and finish in the next step.

Step 5:

Now you’re ready to finish the drawing before we add colors to your creation in the final step of this witch drawing guide! We’re going to finish his hat in this step, and what a gorgeous hat it is! The rest of the brim will be thick, rounded, and relatively wide above your head. Then there will be a small belt along the edge.

The top half of the hat will also be prominent and drawn with wavy, curved lines with a pointed tip at the end. Once the hat is complete, you’ll also be ready to add some extra details! You can create a spooky background or add objects that might be associated with a witch for ideas.

Step 6:

You’ve reached the final stage of your witch drawing, and now we can bring it to life with some color! We chose a Halloween look for this witch, using dark greens and purples for her skin and clothes. Will you take a similar approach with your version, or do you have other colors in mind for this adorable witch?

You can also experiment with different art tools and mediums depending on the types of colors you are looking for, whether you want them bright and vibrant or more muted.

Tips to make your witch drawing even better!

Create some artistic magic with these tips for your witch sketch! Witches are often depicted with pets, and it would be fun to add them to your drawing of a witch! Some classic animals may include cats, toads, or owls. Or, you could opt for another animal you love that you wouldn’t usually see next to a witch. She could have a cute dog as a companion or something exotic like a koala. What animals could you use as a cute family for this adorable witch?

If you had a lot of fun learning how to draw this witch, you could keep the fun going by adding more witch friends for this one. You already know how to draw this witch now, so you can change some details and add as many other witches as you want! This witch drawing shows her holding her broom. The broom is the transport unit of choice for many classic witches. For this reason, you can show her flying on her broom instead of posing with it in her hand. It would be easy to do if you changed a few aspects of the drawing we’re working on!

Following our previous tip, you can show where this witch flies by adding a background. You can add a night sky with stars and a bright moon. It would show that she is flying high in the sky. You can add a background even if you keep the layout as is. Where could this witch hang out? Finally, witches are well known for their magical abilities. You can add magic spell effects to this witch sketch to complete it! You can do this by either adding a magic wand to their hand or swirling magic around their hands. You can also add a bubbling cauldron and other magic tools.

Your witch drawing is complete!

That’s enough for this guide on how to draw a witch! It was a lovely drawing that we worked on, and we wanted to ensure it was an easy and enjoyable experience. We hope you achieved this goal and had a great time working on it! Now you can show us what you can do by adding your essential details and ideas to this image. We mentioned how she could draw a background or add objects she could interact with as pictures.

What location ideas would you control for this? Then you can fit out our website for additional excellent picture guides! We hope to see you there soon when you look at what we have in store. You can then share your finished witch drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so we can see how well it turned out.