How to draw a Kangaroo

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5 min readDec 8, 2022

How to draw a Kangaroo. The kangaroo is a marsupial animal most commonly distinguished by its massive hind legs, muscular pointed tails, and long erect ears. Thanks to their incredibly large feet, they can jump up to 10 feet and travel over 30 miles per hour. The fascination with kangaroos has made this a highly requested tutorial. So we included made a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a kangaroo.

This guide consists of 9 simple instructions combined with simple illustrations, which makes drawing a kangaroo easy. Have fun drawing an amazing kangaroo! You can draw many more characters like princess drawing, bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Kangaroo

Step 1:

Start by drawing a small, perfect circle on the top half of your paper. This describes the kangaroo’s head. Remember to use light strokes when outlining. Avoid pressing too hard with the pencil so you can easily remove parts of the outline that you no longer need later. To ensure the outline is drawn in the right place, you can create reference lines by drawing horizontal and vertical lines that intersect on the paper. The outline of the kangaroo’s head should line up with the vertical line above the horizontal line.

Step 2:

Draw an irregular oval shape just below the head. The constitution should be limited at the top and wider and curved at the base. Like the head outline, ensure the body outline can be easily erased if needed.

Step 3:

Draw a U-shaped side curve to the left of the kangaroo’s head. Then draw a curve at the bottom. This forms the kangaroo’s muzzle. Remember to erase any part of the outline that overlaps the muzzle. This helps keep your drawing more refined and, more importantly, neat.

Step 4:

Draw two inverted U-shaped curves on each side at the top of the kangaroo’s head. Try to standardize the shape and size of the ears. Next, erase the overlapping contour line inside the right ear. Make sure the ears are set high and erect; this is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a kangaroo!

Step 5:

Did you understand kangaroos can leap up to 10 floors? All thanks to its muscular legs and wide feet, which are also part of the unique characteristics of the kangaroo. In this step, that’s just what we’re moving to remove. To form the legs, continue to draw a curved line on the right side of the kangaroo’s lower body.

Then extend the line to the left until it forms a U-shaped side curve to form the foot. Then bring the line back up, finishing the right leg and foot shape. Replicate the same steps on the opposing side of the kangaroo’s lower body. This forms the left leg, thus completing the two legs of the kangaroo.

Step 6:

Draw a narrow curved shape with a pointed end at the lower back of the kangaroo. This creates the kangaroo’s distinctive pointed tail. Be sure to draw the tail at an angle so that it appears slightly raised, as shown in the illustration.

Step 7:

Draw a bent arm with three legs on either side of the kangaroo’s chest. The arm can be created by drawing two parallel lines at an angle, while the legs are three connected U-shaped curves. Due to the kangaroo’s tilted position, its left arm is not fully visible, unlike its right arm.

Step 8:

This step will add details and patterns all over the kangaroo’s body. This helps your drawing look more elaborate. Draw a curved line around the edge of the kangaroo’s muzzle from top to bottom. Next, draw a vertical line on its body and a horizontal line to delineate its bag. Remember to add several lines on each foot to create separation between each leg!

Step 9:

Draw two standing oval shapes on the kangaroo’s face. This describes the kangaroo’s pair of eyes. Since the kangaroo looks sideways, the left eye should be smaller than the right. Then add a small circle to each eye. Then shade all the eyes and leave the small circle unshaded. Remember to add an outline inside the kangaroo’s ears and a line at the bottom of the tail to outline the underside.

This adds extra detail to the kangaroo, making it look more realistic. Now that we have successfully drawn a kangaroo, it’s time for the most exciting part. In this step, we will choose the colors and color the kangaroo. A kangaroo’s coat color ranges from red to brown, usually fading to a more subtle hue on the underside and legs. You can decide to color the kangaroo utilizing its actual colors.

Make your kangaroo drawing even better.

Hop on to some awesome tips for your kangaroo sketch! One of a kangaroo’s most recognizable characteristics is how it carries its baby in its pouch. This would be an adorable detail to add to your kangaroo drawing! The best part about adding a baby to this image is that you can easily do it after completing this guide. Follow the steps to draw a kangaroo head on the bag and shrink it slightly. You can also draw the baby kangaroo with its mom for another idea! Add a few more animals to your kangaroo drawing for another fun trick. Even if you stick to Australian animals, you would have so many choices!

For some cute options, you can add animals, like a koala or a wombat. Of course, you can add all the animals you want! If you need help or inspiration, you can search for images online to help you. What cute animals could you add to this picture? Next, add a background to your kangaroo sketch. If I were to do this, one of the most obvious settings would be the arid Australian outback. It is an option, but there are better ones! It would be best if you created a zoo setup, for example.

There are so many choices, so what else could you make for a set? Finally, it would help if you could have a little fun with colors and artistic mediums to finish this kangaroo drawing in style. Our guide used flatter colors to give the image a cartoonish look. It’s an approach that suits the style of the picture, but you might want something quieter and more realistic. In this case, maybe watercolor paint or colored pencils would be more appropriate. It’s all up to you, so what will you choose for your photo?

Your kangaroo drawing is complete!

Hope you enjoy this step-by-step kangaroo drawing tutorial. The fun thing about this guide is that it lets you add as many customizations as you want, further improving your artistic skills. You can also customize the colors you will use! Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring a kangaroo, remember to show off your masterpiece! Please take a photo of your colored drawing and post it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. You’ve worked hard on your artwork, so it’s worth sharing.