Hand Drawing

Tips for Hand Drawing

  • Don’t try to make the basic structure of all fingers the same in shape and size, as all fingers have a different point of origin and have different shapes and sizes.
  • Consider your fingers’ natural rotation ability and apply only that much rotation in fingers while drawing a hand gesture.
  • Think of the basic differences in the hands of different genders or ages. For example, a man’s hand is usually thick in its structure, nails wide and small. On the other hand, a woman’s hand has thin anatomy and features. The fingers are generally long with long nails. Wrists of a woman will be thin as well. Hairs of hands can also be the difference for both genders. A child’s hand would be thick and bulky in a small size.
  • Think of all fingers individual objects to draw that are attached to the same base.

Hand Drawing Art Supplies

  • 2B, 3B pencils
  • Sharpie
  • Sharpener and Erasers
  • Color Markers
  • Drawing charts or Sketchbook

Hand Line Art Step by Step Tutorial




https://cooldrawingidea.com/ https://thesoftroots.com/

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