Dragon Drawing

Tips for Easy Dragon Drawing

  • Silhouette of your dragon: Arrange the key pieces of each dragon so that they form a decent silhouette.
  • Look at nature: Take cues from other animals. While dragons have a mostly legendary dimension, they exist in the actual world, and several other species might give inspiration.
  • The backstory for your dragon: Consider imagining a backstory to add even more details to your dragon drawing. Scars, for example, may hint at previous fights and reflect a violent background.
  • Provide your dragon a personality: Think about the personality you want your dragon to have. Keeping this in mind, offer visual cues to help the viewer understand. Perhaps with a sly toothy grin or a naughty sparkle in the eye.
  • References: It can also be beneficial to draw inspiration from real-life creatures: if possible, visit a zoo and sketch from life; if not, sketch from photos.
  • Dinosaurs aren’t dragons: Dinosaurs are cool in their own way, but they aren’t the same as dragons.
  • Different skin textures: Consider the texture you want your dragon to have. Is it made of leathery scales or hard plates, like in armor? Consider a really ancient dragon with thick, rough scales, similar to an old crocodile, but a younger dragon may have a smoother, more uniform pattern.
  • The scale of the dragon: When learning how to draw a dragon, keep in mind that there are visual signals you may utilize inside your drawing to convey its scale. A frequent method is to include some birds for scale, but you could easily get the same effect using surrounding architecture or other objects.
  • Dramatic lighting: A spotlight on the dragon’s face will catch the viewer’s attention, especially if features near the drawing’s edge are obscured in darkness.
  • Atmospheric perspective: The law of atmospheric perspective states that distant objects will look hazier than those in the front and pick up the surrounding atmosphere’s colors.
  • Contrasting colors: When it comes to color and value, first pick what color you want your dragon to be, then come up with a color scheme for the setting that will make the monster stand out.

Dragon Drawing Easy Step by Step Tutorial




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cool drawing

https://cooldrawingidea.com/ https://thesoftroots.com/

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