Dog Drawing Easy

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3 min readNov 15, 2021

This tutorial will help you learn easy dog drawing. We came up with this tutorial to make dog drawing easy for everyone. Dog face drawing or dog paw drawing can be easy, but realistic dog drawing needs a lot of effort. You can search for different tutorials on how to draw a dog on the web. But you will find this dog drawing step by step tutorial the easiest one. We have other tutorials on dog line drawing as well. However, this tutorial teaches cute dog drawing. We’ll proceed to this simple dog drawing tutorial but first, let’s know some facts about dogs.

Facts about Dogs

Dogs have been companions of humans throughout history and kept for different purposes. The ideal benefit of dogs is that they have a sense of smell much better than human beings. Some dog species have a sense of smell so strong that they are used in the army as mines detectors. Just like the sense of smell, their sense of hearing is incredible as well. Moreover, most of the dog species are fantastic swimmers. When it comes to being fast, a greyhound dog can run faster than cheetahs. You might be amazed to know that dogs produce sweat through paws and tongues and can be right or left pawed. An adult dog can be as intelligent as a two-year-old human child when it comes to intelligence. A dog can be a significantly great pet for a blind person.

Tips on How to Draw a Dog

Here are some tips that can make any dog drawing easy for you if you follow them.

  • Make a drawing of your pet dog: If you are drawing a dog for the first time, use your pet dog as a reference. It is because you love your dog, and you can see every detail of its anatomy. Drawing something you love gives you an edge because you know each aspect of its anatomy.
  • Draw Lightly: Try to draw with light pressure on the pencil. It provides you with a good sketch and guidelines for the drawing.
  • Draw Outline: Drawing outlines or guidelines will make your dog drawing easy afterwards and will take less time to complete.
  • Outline shapes for features: Draw outline shapes of the dog’s body part. It can enhance the features of each body part.

Cartoon Dog Drawing Step By Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll learn cartoon dog drawing.

Step 1:

To draw this cartoon dog, we will start with the left ear. Draw the left ear in the shape of a long curved bend. Then from the upper line of the ear, draw the headline and extend it towards the right. After extending the headline, reasonably make a bend downwards and then make another bend leftwards. Then draw a curve in the shape of the upper jawline of the mouth — Figure 1.

Step 2:

After drawing the upper jawline, draw the lower jawline in a curve shape and join it with the left ear. Then draw the right ear behind the top of the head and draw both eyes in an oval shape. After that, draw two small circles inside each other in each eye. Draw eyebrows in the shape of small curves above both eyes. Draw a nose above the mouth in an irregular shape — Figure 2.

Step 3:

After completing the dog’s face, start a line from below the left ear and extend it in the shape of a downward going curve. Draw a tail with two parallel lines starting from the back and joining each other in the shape of a bend at the end. Then use the same technique to draw the front leg. But bend those lines together downward and join them with three u-shaped bends to represent the foot. Figure 3.

Step 4:

After drawing one front leg, draw the second foot by drawing an oval shape and then three u-shaped bends in it. Draw two curves behind the front foot vertically. It’s the rear leg. Then draw foot with the same technique of drawing an oval shape and three u-shaped bends in Figure 4.

Step 5:

After completing the outline of the dog’s cartoon, draw two steep hills or pillow-type structures below the dog — Figure 5.

Step 6:

In this step, highlight the outline of the whole drawing with a marker or pointer. Then darken the dog’s eyes and the nose as well — Figure 6.

Step 7:

In this final step, apply shades on the drawing with gentle pencil pressure — Figure 7.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned a dog cartoon drawing.