Cute Fish Drawing Tutorial

This art lesson will make fish drawing easy for you. We have included many types of fish drawing tutorials in this lesson. Goldfish drawing, cute fish drawing, realistic fish drawing, and a simple fish drawing are all included in this drawing lesson. If you have already tried fish sketch, then it will be much easier for you. Otherwise, you can start from a beginner’s tutorial and move to an advanced fish drawing. Don’t worry; we have included fish drawing tutorials for all difficulty levels.

Tips for Fish Drawing

When drawing a fish, a few things to remember are:

  • Pay attention to basic body proportions, head size, mouth location, and fin placement.
  • The placement and number of medial and paired fins and the position of the mouth vary
  • Rinse repeat and then go to more difficult swimming postures
  • Start focusing on features like fin rays and fin-ray counts, scales and scale counts
  • Distinguish between species
  • Position, form, and anatomy of fish fins
  • The size, quantity, and location of scales on fish

Step 1:

Draw a big circle and stretch it on the right side — Figure 1.

Step 2:

Draw a caudal fin emerging from the body on the right side — Figure 2.

Step 3:

Draw a pouting mouth on the left side and then draw an eye with two circles, one small inside the big circle. After that, draw another tiny circle inside the smaller circle. After that, draw a curve near the eye staring from above and ending below. This curve separates the head from the rest of the body — Figure 3.

Step 4:

Draw a dorsal fin above the body in an irregular shape. Then draw a pelvic at the end of the curve drawn for head and anal fin below the body. — Figure 4.

Step 5:

Draw lines in the dorsal and caudal fins, as shown in figure 5.

Step 6:

Use yellow and pink colors to fill the fish, as shown in figure 6.

Here you have a cute fish drawing.