We know that everyone searches for easy cat drawing when he starts learning drawing. There are hundreds of types of cat drawings you can make. You can make a cartoon cat drawing, black cat drawing, cat face drawing, or a sleeping cat drawing. You can also make a realistic cat drawing once you have practiced drawing a cat enough. Line cat drawing is for beginners. If your kid is keen to draw, then he can also make a cat drawing for kids. We have compiled three step-by-step cat drawing tutorials, from beginners to advanced and realistic cat drawing. We’ll start with a drawing that will make cat drawing easy for you. And then we’ll move to more advanced cat drawings.

Art Supplies

Here are the art supplies we used in these drawings:

  • 2B, 3B pencils
  • Sharpeners and Erasers
  • Papers, drawing charts, or a sketchbook

Tips for Cat Drawing

Here are some hints that can make your cat drawing easy:

  • Use a blending stick for applying shades and enhanced features of a drawing
  • Outline of an animal such as cat drawing in our case is very important. So spend some time sketching the outline
  • Drawing a grid or two perpendicular lines might be a good idea to keep your drawing symmetrical if you are a beginner
  • Making a circular head in a cat drawing is an essential part of the whole drawing
  • Use thick dark shades to enhance the details of hair or fur
  • Place a piece of paper below your drawing hand to avoid messing your drawing
  • Try to give the cat a smiling look, and it will keep your mood and energy positive

Cat drawing step by step tutorial for beginners

Step 1:

Start with the eyes of the cat. Draw both eyes by drawing two oval shapes side by side, then one small circle in each eye to represent eyeballs. Draw a triangle below both eyes and draw upper and lower lips with curves — figure 1.

Step 2:

After drawing the cat’s eyes and nose, draw a semi-circular head around the eyes. Draw two ears on top on left and right. Do it making semi-V-shaped bends. Draw a line on the right ear coming towards the eye. Extend the head on both sides with parallel curves — Figure 2.

Step 3:

After sketching the cat’s body, draw the front legs and feet of the car. Draw the legs with two parallel lines vertically for each leg and the feet with repeated bends — Figure 3.

Step 4:

Now, draw the furry tail of the cat on the right side of the feet. Do it by drawing a rough pointy shape that will represent the furry tail. Draw one rear leg by drawing a curve parallel to the left front leg the same way. Now you have a complete sketch or outline of the cat — Figure 4.

Step 5:

After sketching the outline of the cat, it is now time to shade the drawing. Start from between the front legs. Apply graphite gently in the form of hair and make it dark. Repeat this process on the left side, at the back of the cat — Figure 5.

Step 6:

Draw textures on the face of the cat and some irregular bends joining each other above the eyes. Draw some irregular curves on both sides of the eyes — Figure 6.

Step 7:

Now, it is time to apply shades to the face. Apply graphite gently above the irregular bends drawn in the previous step. These shades should look like the dark hair of the cat — Figure 7.

Step 8:

In the final step, darken the tail with graphite with a bit more pressure. There you have a complete cat drawing — Figure 8.