Today, we have brought some new bear drawing tutorials that will make bear drawing easy for you. But, what kind of bear you want to draw depends on many factors, such as your age or experience. So we will take age as a benchmark or, say, a beginner. We have three tutorials in the drawing lesson: easy bear drawing, cartoon bear drawing, and realistic bear drawing. You will find the first two drawings as cute bear drawings. We hope you find our drawing tutorial easy.

Tips for Bear Drawing

You need to follow these basic tips for bear drawings:

  • The proportions of the body part are keys to a good drawing
  • Imagine the different types of bears and use a focal point that is common in each. It will help you to draw the proportions more easily
  • Use a graph or across to keep the drawing sharp
  • If you are using a paper or chart for this drawing, make sure to use it in landscape
  • The head and the limb of a bear are usually big and most prominent parts
  • You can use your teddy bear as a reference for an easy bear drawing
  • Try drawing different types and perspectives of the bear. It will boost your experience

Art Supplies for Bear Drawing

We have used the following drawing tools in our drawing:

  • 2B, 3B pencils
  • Sharpie
  • Sharpener and eraser
  • A piece of paper or sketchbook
  • Color pencils and crayons
  • Color markers

One Line Bear Drawing easy step by step tutorial

Let’s start with a cute and easy bear drawing tutorial:

Step 1: Start by drawing an oval shape circle — figure 1.

Step 2: After drawing a big circle, draw two circles on the top right and left sides to represent ears. Then draw two small circles below the big circles to represent feet — Figure 2.

Step 3: Draw two small circles that are filled and represent eyes. Then draw a horizontally long shape to represent the nose between the eyes and draw two lines in the shape of curves to represent the mouth — Figure 3.

Step 4: Draw two bends in the middle of the circle on the right and left sides to represent hands. Then draw a circle around the nose and mouth — Figure 4.

Step 5: Fill in the brown color in the whole bear except its mouth’s circle — Figure 5.

Here you have a bear with a cute smile.